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Harry’s Apology!

Dear Marie, I’m back for a limited time but I just wanted to say sorry about all the drama I was involved in with Rebecca… She is a user and abuser period. I had empathy and sympathy for her which was aroused in me and cultivated over time. I got on your case for her.. As she wanted of course. That bothered you and made you go for me. It was easy to be defensive and protective towards her as Conboy’s manipulation had begun quickly which distracted and concerned me, he was also doing her nut in. So it was easy to blame it all on him and see him as the main issue. He was never EVER innocent, but still it was much much deeper then that and Becks was the issue, Before he came along too. He just took advantage of a situation that was already in play for his own gain. It was perfect for him. A master manipulator and con artist. The Truth is, with you.. Becks got on your wick, at your channel! Going on and on playing victim and trying to pull you into the situation to attack her Target. You generally weren’t interested at all and asked her to pack it in and she wouldn’t so knowing we were friendly, you asked me to chat to her and tell her to leave it out. She kinda did after but then made an issue out nothing with you to get back at you and use as excuse to attack her Target. It was pathetic… a deleted nothing comment. So you righteously took issue with her.. at the time I saw that as petty and silly too, so you were both as bad as each other… But thinking back now Marie, you honestly tried to brush it off and ignore it but Rebecca kept on and on at you about it! She just wouldn’t drop it so it became a issue between you both which was ALL her fault. You’re actually innocent Marie… Rebecca is the gift that keeps giving…. You and others have had a lot of fun with her and it continues I see. I should never have got involved in it and bothered you.. Rebecca has never stopped and Fweddy joined in making horrible vids at times and saying nasty things about your looks and what not! Whereas I just addressed things you brought to attack me with me.. It’s understandable as you felt ganged up on, of course being a women you would find something to get at me over, like the comments on Tee’s Channel


So Marie.. I know what I’ve done, and what I got caught up in. I’m so sorry for upsetting you, I imagine you didn’t need it too. Love Harry





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