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Seasoned YouTuber Matt Taylor to become the new face of the BBC

As the BBC strives to maintain its reputation as one of the world’s leading news organizations, it is always on the lookout for fresh talent to represent its brand. And now, seasoned YouTuber Matt Taylor has emerged as the latest addition to the BBC family, set to take on a high-profile role as the new face of the network.

The appointment of Matt Taylor comes at a critical time for the BBC, following a string of recent incidents that have left the network in a precarious position. The embarrassing “Freedom of speech” incident involving Gary Lineker, as well as the serious injury sustained by Freddie Flintoff on a BBC program, have left many programmes hanging in the balance. In the midst of all this chaos, Matt Taylor’s appointment is a welcome breath of fresh air.

With a wealth of experience in media broadcasting and community involvement, Matt is well-equipped to take on this new challenge. He has been an active participant in local politics and volunteer initiatives from a young age, demonstrating a passion for public service and a dedication to excellence that will serve him well as he transitions to the world of broadcasting.

As he steps into this new role, Matt Taylor represents the very best of what the BBC stands for: integrity, impartiality, and a commitment to delivering high-quality news and information to the public. He embodies the values of hard work and dedication that are essential to the success of any news organization, and his presence at the BBC is sure to help steer the network through the challenges that lie ahead.

So let us all welcome Matt Taylor as he takes on this new challenge, and let us look forward to a bright future for the BBC under his leadership. As the network continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the public, we can rest assured that it is in very capable hands.



Matt Taylor in New Stalking Arrest Horror!

Real life Jack Reacher, Ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, 51, from Brighton UK, was arrested on Friday 18 November 2022, following an allegation of Stalking with Violence.

Matt Taylor

Having sent a letter of commendation to PC Paddy Stewart, who days earlier had investigated a complaint of harassment against him by a well known anti-extremist activist called Shellie Mote, PC Stewart assured the ex black op’s soldier, that a mark would be put in his address, that meant they wouldn’t act in any malicious and frivolous complaints made against him.

PC Stewart’s words meant nothing, when within a week, six Sussex Police officers were storming through his home, wrestling Taylor to the ground in a scene out of a Jack Reacher movie.

Arrested on lame, tame and flimsy evidence, all of Taylor’s computer equipment was seized, over 20 items in all including his Internet router and PS4.

Is there a larger conspiracy at play?

Kicking off his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General Election campaign, and well on his way to securing £200 million investment from the Saudi Investment Fund, Taylor was set to turn his dream of a King Arthur II Film and TV Studios into reality, putting it at the heart of his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General election campaign.

Police Harassment/Targeted Individual

A pattern has now emerged that Taylor is arrested on a near yearly basis, in which his computer equipment is seized, and returned on average a year later, after the investigation is NFA’d. (No Further Action.)

Having been arrested on such charges of taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, to allegations of failing to provide the police his address within three days of receiving a SPO and for numerous charges of harassment and stalking, Taylor again finds himself the victim of malicious and frivolous allegation made against him by the online Satanic Temple community.

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Arrested, charged and convicted of harassing a well known name in the UK’s Truth Movement, (but a name that cannot be printed on Guerrilla Democracy News for legal reasons,) Taylor has been targeted by other Satanic Temple members, such as alleged satanic cult leader James Hind from Brighton, German based professor Thomas Niedermeier and Canadian born blogger Karen Irving.

Vilified as the character ‘IT,’ from the Stephen King novel, branded ‘The Brighton Beast,’ and a ‘sexual predator’, Taylor has himself endured years of online abuse which has resulted in a number of his social media platforms being removed and cancelled.

Falsely accused of being a three times convicted stalker, Taylor is seen as a media celebrity on YouTube, famed for his wacky, crazy and zany 6-9 hour long YouTube marathon shows..

Having built himself a loyal fan base over the years, Taylor is said to be feeling “shell shocked and raw,” following his latest arrest by Sussex Police.

Taylor has been bailed until 15 February 2023, where he predicts, (based on past behaviour by Sussex Police), that the bail will be extended until the end of 2023, where-after the case will be NFA’d and his computer equipment returned damaged.

Abandoned by Sussex Police who fail to investigate and act upon any complaint Taylor makes, Taylor has been a victim of a constant stream of malicious and frivolous complaints made against him since 2015.

Taylor was first arrested for Affray on 25 Janurary 2015, when while standing as the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, his election office was attacked by two thugs, who attacked Joe Neilson (a colleague of Taylor’s) on the doorstep of his house, which Neilson claims he would have been killed if Taylor didn’t intervene and repelled the attack.

After the two officers finished joking and laughing with their assailants outside the property in 318 Southcoast Road Peacehaven, both Taylor and Neilson were arrested for affray and detained for over 15 hours, while their assailants were allowed to walk free.

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The charges against Taylor and Neilson were later dismissed and no further action taken.

Joe Neilson, 76 and disabled, continues to live abroad, too scared to return to his home in fear he will be killed.

His home is being stolen from under his nose and Sussex Police continue to do nothing about it.

Read more: Latest News from Joe Neilson

Comments from the UK’s satanic Community include:

Harry’s Apology!

Dear Marie, I’m back for a limited time but I just wanted to say sorry about all the drama I was involved in with Rebecca… She is a user and abuser period. I had empathy and sympathy for her which was aroused in me and cultivated over time. I got on your case for her.. As she wanted of course. That bothered you and made you go for me. It was easy to be defensive and protective towards her as Conboy’s manipulation had begun quickly which distracted and concerned me, he was also doing her nut in. So it was easy to blame it all on him and see him as the main issue. He was never EVER innocent, but still it was much much deeper then that and Becks was the issue, Before he came along too. He just took advantage of a situation that was already in play for his own gain. It was perfect for him. A master manipulator and con artist. The Truth is, with you.. Becks got on your wick, at your channel! Going on and on playing victim and trying to pull you into the situation to attack her Target. You generally weren’t interested at all and asked her to pack it in and she wouldn’t so knowing we were friendly, you asked me to chat to her and tell her to leave it out. She kinda did after but then made an issue out nothing with you to get back at you and use as excuse to attack her Target. It was pathetic… a deleted nothing comment. So you righteously took issue with her.. at the time I saw that as petty and silly too, so you were both as bad as each other… But thinking back now Marie, you honestly tried to brush it off and ignore it but Rebecca kept on and on at you about it! She just wouldn’t drop it so it became a issue between you both which was ALL her fault. You’re actually innocent Marie… Rebecca is the gift that keeps giving…. You and others have had a lot of fun with her and it continues I see. I should never have got involved in it and bothered you.. Rebecca has never stopped and Fweddy joined in making horrible vids at times and saying nasty things about your looks and what not! Whereas I just addressed things you brought to attack me with me.. It’s understandable as you felt ganged up on, of course being a women you would find something to get at me over, like the comments on Tee’s Channel


So Marie.. I know what I’ve done, and what I got caught up in. I’m so sorry for upsetting you, I imagine you didn’t need it too. Love Harry





Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime

While some Sussex Chiefs can earn four times what the constable on the street earns, the admission by Sussex police that their officers are relying on second jobs and food banks to make ends meet; indicate Sussex Police officers are prime targets by organised crime, paid to turn the blind eye to crime.

PC Joseph Bryant had a second job helping a friend with their business, sacked for breaching the force’s Code of Conduct.

Two Sussex police officers jumped before they were pushed. Both men would have been dismissed but left the force before disciplinary proceedings. PC Bryant resigned in February while PC X retired from policing in August.

PC X was earning so much money, he had enough to afford a sniff of cocaine before his shift.

PC X was found to have ingested cocaine after being asked to provide a urine sample. Testing of the sample returned traces of the Class A drug.

Too Proud to go to a Food Bank, but Desperate Enough to Take a Back-Hander!

Andy Standing, branch secretary for the Police Federation and a detective inspector for Sussex Police, described how officers across the country are “sleeping in cars and vans” and “going to food banks to keep going”.

Sussex Police have confirmed that some officers are struggling.

A spokesman told Brighton’s local newspaper The Argus: “Sussex Police understands some officers and staff have relied on food vouchers via the Sussex Police Charitable Trust, as well as food banks.

Former Sussex chief superintendent Kevin Moore described the situation faced by rookie officers as “scandalous”.

He said: “No one joins the police to earn lots – but police salaries shouldn’t leave officers unable to pay the bills.”

Crime writer Peter James once said that Brighton was the city of choice for crime lords to settle and raise their families.

While some police officers are keeping their integrity at the expense of their dignity by relying on food banks and second jobs to survive, how many colleges are selling their integrity to organised crime and losing all dignity, as with PC X who turned up to work off their head on cocaine.


Peter James with his wife Lara

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sussex police corruption

SUSSEX PCC NAMED IN ATTEMPTED MURDER OF DAVID NEILSON KEY MURDER WITNESS TO SUSSEX POLICES COVER UP FOR THE KILLERS OF KATRINA TAYLOR Sussex PCC. and. Crooked MP Lloyd Russell Moyle. Working together to cover up Sussex Police and Council Corruption involved in covering up the attempted murder of Key Murder Witness and Whistleblower David Neilson

What have I missed?

MAP Mouse has tourettes! He cannot stop saying, “Tick Tock!”

The Chelmsford A Team want me to say sorry to Harry! WTAF?

Fanny Bones likes to antagonise me by bigging up the Toad.

The Serial Liar has been contacting me under various aliases to threatening me with imaginary policemen knocking at the door.

The Bavarian Professor has been bombarding the French Prime Minister’s Twitter account mentioning my name.

How many times do I have to tell you guys, I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!

I sadly missed Katie B’s lives, and thankfully missed Harry’s lives during which I’m led to believe, (from the title,) that he abused three innocent women.

Beware of Harry. Did you know he set fire 🔥 to his ex girlfriend’s car because she dumped him.

What kind of warped sick freak does that?

Harry Munker Harris, that’s who!

And what about the Serial Liar doxxing me address!

I am fully entitled to name the person who accused me of being obsessed and fixated upon him.

What else have I missed?

Tune into TrollTV! this Friday, where I will start of, where I left off.