What have I missed?

MAP Mouse has tourettes! He cannot stop saying, “Tick Tock!”

The Chelmsford A Team want me to say sorry to Harry! WTAF?

Fanny Bones likes to antagonise me by bigging up the Toad.

The Serial Liar has been contacting me under various aliases to threatening me with imaginary policemen knocking at the door.

The Bavarian Professor has been bombarding the French Prime Minister’s Twitter account mentioning my name.

How many times do I have to tell you guys, I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!

I sadly missed Katie B’s lives, and thankfully missed Harry’s lives during which I’m led to believe, (from the title,) that he abused three innocent women.

Beware of Harry. Did you know he set fire 🔥 to his ex girlfriend’s car because she dumped him.

What kind of warped sick freak does that?

Harry Munker Harris, that’s who!

And what about the Serial Liar doxxing me address!

I am fully entitled to name the person who accused me of being obsessed and fixated upon him.

What else have I missed?

Tune into TrollTV! this Friday, where I will start of, where I left off.

“Reece Leverick Life Shattered by Sheva Burton.”

The self proclaimed Social Scientist, and proven liar Reece Leverick (not his real name,) is said to have had his “life shattered,” by the Toxic Activisit Sheva Burton, according to Satan Lover and Satanic Cult Leader Dick Dastardly aka James Hind.

Having hid under the rock he came from, Reece Leverick’s already miniscule reputation, has been blown away conlletely by the now proven allegations by Belstaff Man, that he lied about carrying the coffin, and giving an eulogy at his friend’s funeral, who died in March 2022.

Friend and cohost of DogShitTV! Matt Taylor, was eported to police by Reece’s husband for harassment, after receiving a message from him raising concerns that Reece Leverick was feeling suicidal.

It now appears that Leverick’s mental health and wellbeing has taken a further nose-dive, and that blame is being apportioned to Sheva Burton, who is accused by some of being active from the shadows.

By her own admission, Sheva Burton has been doing, “oogles of defams,” against anyone who mentions her during online YouTube conversations.

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